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Excellence Code

Yon-Ka's Excellence Code Cream and Cellular Code serum complement each other to compose the utmost global anti-aging program.

Excellence Code cream is the treatment of choice for mature skins undermined by hormonal changes. With its creamy textures it provides extreme comfort while fighting the detrimental effects of time: dryness, loss of firmness and radiance, wrinkles, pigmentation flaws.

The skin looks visibly rejuvenated, smoother, firmer and more plumped, wrinkles seem to fade away,the complexion is more even and glowing.
150.00 135.00
Mature skin, made fragile by hormonal changes, will come alive thanks to this luscious and comfortable cream which fights off any signs of aging: dryness, loss of firmness and brightness, wrinkles, discoloration. 4 patents.

Minimum quantity for "Yon-ka Excellence Code Crem" is 1.

99.00 90.10
This compound is completed with essential oils. Their hints of citruses, enhanced with woody scents, turn the application of CELLULAR CODE SERUM into a true sensorial experience.

75.00 67.50
EXCELLENCE CODE CONTOURS acts upon all signs of ageing and tiredness impacting the face's more sensitive areas. While providing the necessary hydration and nutrition, this velvety cream dims fine lines and wrinkles : the eye contour is smoothed, the eyes look brighter, the lip contour is better defined, like redesigned. Puffiness and dark circles visibly vanish, the eye contour is more tonic , the upper eyelid is tightened.

69.00 62.10
With its creamy texture enriched in powerful anti-ageing and radiance boosters, this mask defies the signs of ageing: the skin is better toned, pumpled, the complexion is glowing, the skin looks visibly younger. Relying on a unique and exceptional formulation and two patents, it brings back comfort and youthfulness to mature skins.