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Yonka Essential White


Modern women of all ages seek beautiful, radiant looking skin that’s flawless and free from the marks of time.
Discover an exceptional collection of brightening products that combines the perfection and strength of nature with advanced scientific research in pigment control. This scientifically proven system effectively evens skin tone and eliminates dark spots by regulating melanin production and blocking the natural transference of dark pigment to skin cells.
You’ll see the Results In As Little As 28 Days!

Ultra-concentrated in whitening and anti-discoloration ingredients, this high-precision local treatment is your ultimate weapon to target and correct dark spots. At the heart of the formula, an exclusive YON-KA complex, the C-WHITE complex, combines advanced research with YON-KA know how. This perfect symbiosis between Time-defying vitamin C and red algae regulates both melanin production and natural transference of dark pigment to skin cells. Therefore, over time, discoloration is less pronounced, less extensive and fades away. Thanks to this tailored solution, your complexion will recover its evenness and brightness. Fade discoloration and dark spots, revealing a bright even complexion

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