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Excellence De L'age

For complete treatment of the advanced signs of ageing, use Excellence De L’age range to firm, plump, nourish and renew more mature skin. This luxurious collection combats dehydration and acts directly on wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven pigmentation.

82.00 75.00
This unique and intensely nourishing super serum works in harmony with the skin to regenerate the skin deep down and restore facial firmness and volume. With...

66.00 60.00
This light but intensely nourishing daily anti-ageing treatment helps reduce puffiness and dark circles around eyes and smoothes fragile contours to...

93.00 85.00
This 100% natural balm with a luxuriously rich texture offers an innovative aromatic night-care treatment to act on the advanced signs ageing. With a warm,...

119.50 110.00
At night when the body is resting, free from everyday stress and light, the cells are more receptive and responsive to active ingredients, as well as their...

114.00 110.00
The ultimate moisturiser to combat all signs of advanced ageing for a firmer, more comfortable and younger looking skin. This global anti-ageing skin care -...