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A day and night duo acting like a youthfulness activator program

Researches on skin aging have brought to light the role of 2 factors:

  • A slowing down of the cells activity and the decline of both the quantity of stem cells leading to a depletion of the renewal of the keratinocytes, and losses in the quantity of fibroblasts leading to the decrease of the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin.
  • The “inflamm'aging”, which through oxidative stress speeds up the aging of skin tissues

To address these issues, Yon-Ka has designed an innovative synergy of actives proceeding from biotechnology:

  • Vegetal stem cells of saponaria pumila to help promote the activity of the stem cells of the skin
  • YOUTH ENERGY : a lipoaminoacid complex to fight “inflamm'aging”

We have enriched both TIME RESIST creams with an extract of wakame for its restructuring properties along with hydrating and nourishing actives such as shea butter and vegetal glycerin.

Adopt the synergetic actions of our TIME-RESIST duo Jour et Nuit (Day and Night) to help promote radiant and visibly younger looking skin with this genuine youthfulness activating program.