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Triple action instant radiance scrub: purifies, polishes, and invigorates. This exfoliating cream gently cleanses and unclogs the epidermis: delicately polished as a result of two by the complementary association of micro-beads in various sizes (guarana and organic brown rice), softened by a cocktail of plant extracts with soothing virtues, skin feels smooth and silky, its texture is refined.

The purifying cream for teenagers and post-teens. Rich in purifying plant extracts, this fast-absorbing beauty cream is recommended for skins prone to impurities. It balances, soothes and purifies the skin. Your skin is purified, softened and balanced.

The ultimate clarifying cream. This beauty treatment with natural active ingredients is recommended for superficial pigmentation disorders related to age,...


With SENSITIVE CRÈME ANTI-ROUGEURS, skins prone to redness will find a treatment to instantly and sustainably ease the signs of discomfort (tightness, burn sensation) and to reduce the appearance of localised redness.

Its duo of centella asiatica and mirabilis jalapa – aka « marvel of Peru » - targets redness both occasional or pemanent, diffused or localised . Combined with the hydrating benefits of vegetal glycerin and the repairing action of bisabolol they improve significantly the appearance of the skin. Natural green pigments bring color to this cream, which "CC" corrective effect helps to brighten and even the complexion.

Alcohol-free and without perfume or essential oils, SENSITIVE CRÈME ANTI-ROUGEURS is well suited for sensitive skins searching for soft and comforting care.

Minimum quantity for "Yon-Ka Creme Sensitive Anti Redness" is 1.

The Yon-Ka Quintessence concentrate, purifying and regenerating. This opalescent, non-oily, alcohol-free fluid is a concentrate of purifying and repairing essential oils. Incomparably effective against impurities and their unsightly consequences, it regenerates and purifies the skin. Breakouts disappear, the skin is fresh, purified and healed.

The purifying concentrate with essential oils and plant extracts. An UNFAILING ally to skin prone to impurities, rich in essential oils...

Cold, heat, pollution, wind are some of the many causes that trigger redness on reactive skins. To combat tautness, itching and all the discomfort sensations they bring along, SENSITIVE CREME PEAUX SENSIBLES includes the YON-KA exclusive complex SENSIBIOTIC, an association of pre and probiotics and sea mayweed. This complex helps the skin to instantly be soothed and comfortable, it increases its levels of tolerance. The skin is less reactive to external factors. Hydrated and nourished by shea butter and soothed by bisabolol, the skin is less fragile and becomes velvery soft and radiant. Alcohol-free and without perfume nor essential oils, SENSITIVE CRÈME PEAU SENSIBLE is perfectly suited for hypersensitive skins.

Minimum quantity for "Yon-Ka Sensitive Creme 50ml" is 1.

SENSITIVE MASQUE draws its comforting qualities at the heart of the plants. The combination of arnica and horse chestnut lessens the signs of reaction on sensitive skins. Silky soft, its creamy texture works wonders like a protective band-aid to the skin. The skin is less sensitive and less reactive, the sensations of discomfort are instantly and sustainably soothe, the skin is like strenghtened, redness seem to vanish. The Yon-Ka Quintessence is completed with nourishing and restructuring actives, the skin is velvety soft, the complexion is more even and radiant.

Minimum quantity for "Yon-Ka Sensitive Masque" is 1.

The "quick start" clarifying concentrate. This beauty treatment with natural active ingredients is recommended for superficial pigmentation...