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He-Shi - Express Liquid Tan 300 ml Tans instantly on contact with skin, so you can actually se it going on Easy to apply with Mitts...

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He-Shi Exfoliating Bodywash 150ml Exfoliating Bodywash is a luxurious face and body exfoliator containing fruit AHA's and scrub-particles to...

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He-Shi Facial Gel Size: 100ml FACIAL TANNING GEL Available in 100ml Gives an...

He-Shi Mitt A self tan applicator mitt to achieve the very best application of He-Shi Express Liquid Tan. The flocked foam surface of...

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION HE-SHI OVERNIGHT AGELESS TANNING BALM is a luxurious, velvet, anti-ageing gradual tanner, which helps restore the skin’s...

He-Shi Souffle Moisturiser Soufflé Moisturiser contains well known moisturising ingredients to rehydrate your skin for a smoother and softer...